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Club Spa and Fitness Association Members

Prime Pool Market is a proud Corporate Member of CSFA. We are honored to be a consistently trusted source of information and systems for both the commercial and club aquatic complex.

Shopping Wholesale Pool Supplies Saves Time and Money

Owning a swimming pool can be a costly venture. Pools require upkeep and sanitation in order to provide a safe and fun swimming environment. You can find discount pool equipment at Prime Pool Market and make owning a pool more affordable. Our store offers everything from pool pumps to decorative landscaping items at discounted prices. We ship anywhere and have a low price guarantee. If you’re a new pool owner, keep reading to find out how shopping with us can save you time and money.

At Prime Pool Market we pride ourselves on offering wholesale pool equipment with a guaranteed low price. You can comparison shop for pool covers, pool Frog brand equipment, or pool liners at other pool supply stores and let us know if you’ve found an identical product elsewhere for a cheaper price. Being able to shop online saves you time, and with our low price guarantee you don’t have to worry about finding the same product some place cheaper the very next day.

We carry a variety of pool products from popular pool brands to help you keep your swimming pool water clean and clear. You can find affordable pool cleaning equipment, chlorine generators, pool stabilizer, and swimming pool equipment designed to filter the water and remove debris from the sides and bottom of the pool. Our customer service representatives are knowledgeable and will gladly help you with any questions you may have about our pool accessories or pool service policies.

We strive to be the pool store you rely on to provide you with all of the accessories and cleaners that you need. No matter where you live, we can ship chlorine, pool supplies, and even saltwater systems so you can use your swimming pool chemical free. If you want to save money and time when shopping for pool supplies, visit us at Prime Pool Market and let us help you enjoy your pool.