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AqquPRO Aquatic Fitness Bike AqquPro Aquatic Fitness Bike
Prime Pool Market Price: $2,188.00
AqquACTIVE Aquatic Fitness Treadmill AqquWALKING Aquatic Fitness Treadmill
Prime Pool Market Price: $2,188.00
AqquPRO Aquatic Fitness Treadmill AqquPRO Aquatic Fitness Treadmill
Prime Pool Market Price: $2,488.00

The Benefits of Owning a Saltwater Pool

At Prime Pool Market, we understand that not every homeowner wants to use chlorine and other chemicals in his or her swimming pool. We do offer the needed materials and supplies to help you start running a saltwater pool system. When people hear the term salt water pool, they immediately think that theyíll be swimming in an ocean like environment, but this isnít true. The amount of pool salt used in a saltwater pool isnít much more than the amount that occurs naturally in the body. Swimming in a salted pool doesnít give you the same burning eye feeling and salty water taste that swimming in the ocean does.

How Saltwater Pools Work

Saltwater pools must use a saltwater chlorine generator to turn hundreds of pounds of salt into natural chlorine. In essence, your pool is not chlorine free with the use of salt chlorine systems, but the amount of chlorine is much less than a traditional pool system. The salt balances PH levels and helps keep your pool from building up algae or turning green during the hot summer months. If operating a saline pool seems difficult, speak with one of our helpful customer service reps to find out just how easy it is to convert from strong chlorine systems to saltwater systems. They will also recommend the best salt for pools and help you order everything you need for startup.

Initial System Setup

The largest investment in both money and time will occur during the initial set up of the system. There is a learning curve to working with a saltwater system as you learn the best way to operate the salt chlorine generator and add the correct amount of salt. However, if youíre looking to get away from having to handle strongly chlorinated and acidic chemicals to keep your pool clean, you will probably love being able to switch over to a salt system.