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Keeping Your Pool Clean Is Simple with an Automatic Cleaner

Every pool owner knows that one of the most important aspects of owning a swimming pool is keeping it clean all spring and summer long. No one wants to jump into a pool that's full of leaves, dirt, debris, and algae. Even if you hire a pool service to visit each week and keep your pool water stabilized, a heavy rain can quickly mess up the PH balance of your swimming pool and leave you with dingy colored water and a light coat of algae along the floor and edges. An automatic pool cleaner gives you the freedom to go about your day knowing that your pool will be sparkling clean when you're ready for a swim.

Choosing the Right Cleaner for Your Pool

There are automatic pool cleaners for both inground and above ground pools. Decades ago it was commonplace to see suction pool cleaners running along the bottoms of everyone's pool. While these cleaners are still popular choices, new technology has expanded the types of cleaners available.

If you want a cleaner that you can just turn on and let it go, consider a robotic or pressure cleaner. Robotic inground pool cleaners can run independently or you can operate them with a remote control for those hard to reach areas. Pressure cleaners use the pressure exerted from cycling clean water back into the pool to move around the perimeter and floor to pick up debris and scrub off dirt.

Above Ground Pool Cleaners

There are choices for above ground pool owners. To buy the best one, read some pool cleaner reviews and online pool cleaner comparisons to find what works best for other above ground pool owners. A suction or handheld cleaner may be the most gentle on the vinyl lining of your above ground pool, and a handheld cleaner will insure that you get all of the dirt and debris located in the crevices of uneven areas. No matter which type of pool you have, our pool professionals can help you make the best buying decision.