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A Pool Heater Can Extend Your Swimming Season

The downside of winter is not being able to use your swimming pool for a few months. No matter where you live, when the night time temperatures drop so does the water temperature of your pool. Unless the days or scorching hot, swimming in a cold pool can quickly become uncomfortable. A pool heater is a great way to warm up the water and extend the swimming season well into winter.

At Prime Pool Market we offer a number of different inground pool heaters that will competently warm your pool and allow you to swim even when the temperatures are frosty. Our website provides pricing information and specs on different heaters to insure you purchase the right one for the size of your pool. If you havenít yet researched pool heaters, consider reading pool heater reviews to get an idea of whatís available on the market.

When shopping at our site you will see Hayward pool heaters, Pentair, and other brands that offer great heaters at reasonable prices. Hayward heaters offer digital touchpads for easy heater control, rust proof components so that exposed parts donít rust from water exposure, and heaters that are energy efficient with low emissions. If youíre looking for a pool heater that not only heats your pool but allows you to remain conscious about the environment, we can guide you to the best low emission, energy efficient heaters on the market.

The benefits of investing in a pool heater include being able to swim all year, keeping the water at a comfortable temperature for family and friends, warming up the water for children or the elderly who may prefer warmer temperatures, and helping pools in shady areas heat up faster during the day. Give us a call to discuss different heating options and let us help you save money.